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A Little About Sik N Twisted

Sik N Twisted (also known as Hayden Green) is a 19 year old beatmaker from the sunny-beached coasts of Sydney, Australia. He got his first taste for producing at age 12 from the free version of any program he could get his hands on… and probably still does. Taking a no-holds-barred, ‘anything is possible’ attitude to music creation, Sik takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources and scenes such as Hip-Hop, Chillstep, Electronic and the ‘never-gets-old’ hardcore Dubstep, distilling into melodic bass and keys with a heavy style of his own.
With multiple successful remixes for names such as Asking Alexandria, Slushii and Aash Mehta, Sik N Twisted has set out with energy and determination to make a name for himself and expand the ever-changing scene of Australian music. Perhaps it’s the combination of drive and ambition, or perhaps it’s the early realisation of a passion and talent for music. Ether way, Sik N Twisted is definitely one young artist to keep an eye on.

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