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Oh man , I remember this one clearly .. The 1st time i went to a nightclub i walked into the back room ( called the techno room at fannys nightclub in Newcastle .. lol fannys ) and there was a dj playing , actually on cdj 1000s .. which at the time were the best on the market .. I just remember i didn’t care about dancing at all that night but i was so intrigued by what he was doing , the whole room was vibing , i just instantly fell in love with the idea of making people happy and dance and of course being in the spotlight lol . So i stood there and watched all night … So lets say Nightclubs is what got me into Djing , that and my love for music of course .

You’ve been playing at Candy’s for a while, do you remember your first set?
Yeah ! its been a while now about 4-5 years i think , not sure …
ohh yes i do remember my 1st set . I got the train down from Newcastle after securing a set by email . i remember lining up cause i didn’t want to be rude and push in ,its was a 3-4am set i was playing after local legend Vengence , i remember being so nervous plugging in my drums was scary as hell i thort i was going to break something or make the music stop haha . every thing from then is kind of a blur , but i do remember not only the club being so so full and the feeling after , i was in love with candys !!! it then became my new home

What’s your favourite memory from a gig?
Ahh there is so many how can i choose . I dont have just 1 memory but its all the memories of when people have said nice things about my sets , it truely makes me feel so happy when people come up to me at the end of a set and say they enjoyed it , I get so excited ..

What’s your dream accomplishment that you’ll be able to say to yourself ‘I can die happy’ ?
So ideally my over all goal is to travel the world playing gigs , i would love to be traveling non stop making friends and collecting memories ( and photos lol)

What do you do to give back to the dance music community and the wider community in general?
From time to time i provide feedback to young producers on their music and help anyone out with Ableton (a music program) when i can , I’m pretty nerdy, haha

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