Sammy Boyle, a 21 year old upcoming talent wanting to cement his mark in the music industry. After being a YourShot 2016 contestant sammy has realised that his goal is to make music in 3 simple yet complex steps. He wants to trigger certain emotions, senses and energies that people exhibit, to give them an experience they will remember for a lifetime, ultimately making people smile. Sammy wants to make people happy through his music and through his performance. From the crowds point of view he is very engaging, always make the audience play there part and amping them up through certain unique traits he displays throughout his performance. He wants to follow the path of the likes of Martin Garrix and be able to then create his own path for people to follow. He is an extremely humble person who is determined to go that extra mile to make everything perfect and to ultimately achieve his dream. Get on board and watch Sammy continue to grow as he is promising that this is going to be on hell of a ride. He has many industry/global goals in regards to music(performance and production). Watch this space and watch him grow into his full potential. “For me, music is a way to express myself and bring people together. I’m just a boy following his dreams, reaching out to people’s emotions, energies, feelings and senses making people happy and smile. I want to make a difference showing people going through tough times to strive for something and work towards there dreams with passion and hard work. I want to be able to inspire those around me to be happy and love life.”