Munza evolved from a middle classed upper north shore Sydney family where the love of music grew with him. His interest in sound production began at the age of 5 with piano and evolved quickly into electronic media. He is on the road to musical success after completing a diploma in sound production and with his undeniable talent and a fine ear in music and production both on the stage and in the studio. His magnetism and charismatic appeal brings crowds from all ages together in both public and private arenas. His diversity, energy and ever-evolving talents reflect his love of entertainment and the desire to bring happiness and enjoyment to his audience. In his early days Munza participated in the YOURSHOT Competition where his dream and fire for entertaining continued to grow. It is here that Munza was sure that his future would be in this industry. Munza has entertained and collected a large following in leading venues such as Home Bar and Soho. He has a current residency at Candy’s Apartment, a highly respected and frequented venue and has been invited on multiple occasions to bring his talent and entertainment to The Australian Hotel and Brewery where he is known to get the crowd onto the dance floor alive and in full swing. Recently Munza has, with pure dedication, self management and love of the industry travelled internationally to Cambodia where he was invited to liven up the dance floor at one of their leading clubs – Temple Bar. He has been the supporting artist to acts such as Zac Waters, Joel Fletcher, Tigerlily, Nukewood, TJR and many more! His future goals include both national and international success playing in leading music festivals such as Ultra Music and Tomorrow Land. Munza consistently frequents his studio where he is in the final stages of production for his mixes. Munza is definitely a talent to keep an ear out for and certainly one to be followed.