Creativity and innovation have always come naturally to this young gun. When a young Luke La Beat didn’t get the drum kit he asked for at Xmas one year his mum’s Tupperware containers all went missing. He made his first drum kit with them and Luke La Beat was created.

Fast forward a few years and Tupperware was replaced with drum pads, synths and production equipment. Luke La Beat added a second love – Djing and music production to his passion for percussion to create a live show that is big on substance, big on WOW factor.

His hectic mixing style and percussion combines the endless song selection of a DJ with the Energy of a Live Band. Emerging from the bedroom to the stage, Luke’s party boy ways and energy is infectious and is met with a sweaty mass of new fans every time he plays.

Apart from his busy residency and touring schedule he has also supported acts including Stafford Brothers, Justice Crew, Fatman Scoop, Jessica Mauboy, TyDi, Mobin Master, Brooklyn Bounce and many more.

His show is interactive – fusing live drums and one shot melodies with electronic dance music and hype MC for a unique and impressive show that’s one of a kind.

He also broadcasts a biweekly podcast showcasing the hottest songs in the country.