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Located in the hub of Australia’s red-light and nightclub precinct, in Sydney on Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, low ceilings, nooks and crannies and curtained areas and an intimate bunker-style back bar that gives the club character and the people a great clubbing experience. (Remember after 9pm your ID will be scanned to enter the club).

Candys is a legendary music club, bands can play here, though our main music is dance music, deejays and producer/performers, this is a club that dares and wins by pushing the limits and barriers on music genres. Nu-wave, underground & cutting edge, distinctly electro with solid influences that include; House & electro (and it’s sub genres), Rock, and Hip Hop and when the time is right even a solid set of party tunes.

With a small team of professional music programmers and promoters, over fifty resident DJ’s, Candy’s is Sydney’s premier underground music nightclub that guarantees an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for? Come down and join the party!

Candys Before
Now and forever after

Being underground, being hidden from sunlight, being a great area for sound, Candys is and has in prior incarnations been a music nightclub, that evolved with the times, became a central hub-circuit music venue and even influenced music trends in Sydney and Australia.

Post World War II, it opened as a French style Cabaret Restaurant, known as Le Club, as the 1950s came on it moved with the times and became more a bohemian style club offering an underground alternative as the 60s came on it evolved and manifested again, into a rock’n’roll venue, by the end of the 1960s it became Sgt Peppers an acoustic and rock venue that at times presented jazz and swing style bands.

As the 1970s came on, and Australian Rock Culture evolved as more and more original Aussie rock bands emerged, the place became a centre for emerging bands and the Sydney rock scene and it found form, as a full-fledged rock’n’roll venue.

By the time the 1980s came about, it was known as the legendary Kardomah Cafe (‘the dark coma’ to it’s regulars), by this time it became the hub of a thriving rock circuit, presenting (or having presented) rock bands that would become legendary like: AC/DC, Jimmy And Boys, INXS, The Cockroaches, The Sunny Boys , By the time the 1980s were over people like Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards graced it’s stages, Iggy Pop partied down there, Kurt Cobain got incredibly wasted here, countless rock kids partied down there and the beat was strong.

By the late 1980s, as the Gay Mardi-Gras found acceptance and Ecstasy emerged as the new popular drug and House Music naturally followed and Dance Music grew, the club went dark for a little while. It became the Tom Tom Club and never really found form, then they tried to resurrect the Kardomah, but music had changed and rock was receding and dance music was growing.

Then in the mid 1990s, the club fell into the hands of dubious operators and it became infamously known as, The Underground. It was a dark, thumping place of dance music, House Music, Breaks and Trance ruled and drugs flourished and the club entered it’s darkest period. The place stood strong, even as Sydney’s mega-huge clubs emerged this place still was super popular to music and club goers. By the late 1990s as police corruption was exposed (nowhere more predominantly than Kings Cross) and the Wood Royal Commission attacked the heart of crime and police corruption, The Underground, then a centre for great music and drugs, was raided and closed down, and this time the place really did go dark, dead dark, it was shut.

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